Naodia & Hendrik

Wedding Photography Singapore with Naodia & Hendrik on 23 August 2013. Wedding is a celebration of love where families and friends come together to witness and celebrate the union of a man and woman becoming husband and wife.


Naodia and Hendrik's wedding was held at the British Club, and many of their friends volunteered themselves to help run the whole wedding event. They prayed and sang hymns, their priest came to preach too. Their friends even prepared a video skit to surprise the couple, that's really sweet of them. The skit was a role-play of how Nadia and Hendrik first met and eventually getting into a relationship. The crowds love the video skit very much and laughter fills the place. Relatives and friends seated at different tables were given opportunity to bless this beautiful couple. Not only that, friends from oversea even gave their blessing through recorded videos. So much blessings were poured out to them that day!

From the wedding, I came to know that Naodia will be going to Netherlands to stay with Hendrik permanently. Giving my blessing to them that I hope your time together will be filled with joy, happiness and lots of love as you start this new journey in life !

After attending their wedding, I truly experienced how a simple wedding can also be so warm and loving. Because what matter most are the families and friends who are there to celebrate this joyous event of their life.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do a wedding photography singapore in this joyful event.

God bless.