SIR Moving Pte Ltd

Most of my photography assignment is from wedding and this time round I had an opportunity to do a Corporate Portraiture shoot for SIR Move Services Pte Ltd, a moving company. Esther, my friend, who is working in this company is kind enough to recommend me to her boss by allowing me to send in my quotation for her company commercial photo shoot assignment. Due to the lack of experience in commercial photography, I'm actually quite reluctant when I was approached. But opportunity is here knocking at my door step and I decided to take courage in venturing into my first commercial photography.

I get to know from Esther, that this company did a commercial photography shoot with another photographer previously. She then sent me the work that the photographer's did for them so that I can know the expectation of the company. After which, I sent in my quotation hoping for the best. Few days later, I received a message from Esther that I am not hired for the job. But on the day before the assignment date, Esther called me again and told me that the photographer is unavailable at the last minute and she checked with me whether I can take on the job instead. "Of course !", I said.


Getting the details...
I went down to the company the next day. Esther showed me around the company premises, the warehouse and the office. She also briefed me on what the company is expecting for this commercial photography assignment. Basically, I will need to take the process of goods transportation, office/warehouse facilities, awards and staffs portrait shots.

Getting that smile…
I made it a point to introduce myself before the shoot so that I could establish some quick rapport and hopefully make them feel comfortable working with me. All the portrait shot here was done using an off camera flash with shoot through umbrella. I usually look for natural lighting as far as I can but there were no windows in the office! The ceiling light is really bad for portrait because lighting from the top will give dark shadow at the bottom of their eyes. My best bet is to setup an off-camera flash with shoot through umbrella angle at side of their face. This allow me to work fast and mobility without interfering much of their work time.

Thank you...
I really enjoyed myself throughout the whole Corporate Portraiture shoot. I am really pleased to have a short conversation with all of the staffs there while doing the portrait shot. Most of them are actually pretty excited and co-operative during the photo shoot, especially the warehouse guys. We clique quite well and we became friends instantly ! Really nice to know them and they make the whole photo shoot very enjoyable for me. Not forgetting, when I was about to go back, I realised that my vehicle's engine had problem starting because I forget to off the headlights! The warehouse guys came and help me push-start my vehicle. Thank you once again.