Swisslog Pte Ltd

I am so thankful that I had this opportunity to do a Corporate Portraiture for Swisslog Pte Ltd. This started when Jazmyn from Swisslog sent me an email on Oct 2012 that they wanted a corporate portraiture shoot to be done for the executive vice-president and headshots for their management team members. The photographs should portray a friendly and expressive working environment. A blurred work environment is present in the background. I was very excited about it because it was my first time doing a photo-shoot for a global company therefore the next day I went to their office to have a brief idea of how the place look like.

Challenge faced
When I was in the office, I was glad to see a row of glass windows as I was determined to use natural light from the glass window. But there were too many clusters of office files, computers and pillars near the window which makes it difficult for the members to stand and to have a clean and blurred background during the photo-shoot. Another challenge is that some of the management team members are wearing spectacles, reflection coming from the spectacles makes it even harder for me to remove the reflection as I am unable to control the angle the light is coming from therefore it leaves me to limited amount of choices. Therefore, I took the photos of the members of the management team in the middle of the office with simple umbrella lighting and a reflector and the photo taken of the Exec. VP was done in his own office with the natural lighting.

The Shot
When I first met Jazymn, she was very friendly and approachable. She was like a "big sister" in the office, co-coordinating the management team for the shoot, adjusting the team members clothing/hair making sure that they are at their best looking and making them smile during the shot, making the whole shooting experience so comfortable for me and the person in front of the camera.

Thank You Really nice to meet such a friendly group of people in Swisslog. Special thank to Jazymn for all the co-ordination work. Thank you for all of you for making such a wonderful experience for me and I hope you had a great time too! God Bless.