XueXun & Magdalene Wedding Photography in Fairmount Hotel

On 19 January 2013, it is XueXun & Magdalene Wedding Photography in Fairmount Hotel. I have to say that XueXun and Magdalene‘s wedding is one of the best that I had attended! Many couples tend to go through the “standard procedures” for their wedding (you get what I mean after you attend a few Chinese weddings =)). Or, they will engage a wedding planner to do it for them. XueXun and Magdalene are different, they put in a lot of effort, personal touch and creatively into their wedding, and all can be seen through the videos they made.

Personally, I love two things they did for their wedding. Firstly, is their Thank You video, showing appreciation to their parents and friends. Secondly, is their short dance skit in the middle of their ballroom with the sisters during the 2nd march-in. These are not often seen in weddings I attended previously.

Not forgetting their brothers and sisters! Having a group of supportive brothers and sisters makes the whole wedding process so much smoother and enjoyable. We went out-door to have some group casual shoot in the afternoon. The sisters even prepared props for the shoot, thus making the overall shots more interesting. I had so much fun working with them!

Wedding is one of the most important and precious moment in one's life. What I see from XueXun and Magdalene is the great effort they put into their wedding, making an memorial wedding for the guests and themselves.

Thank you XueXun and Magdalene for the opportunity to do a singapore wedding photography on your wedding day. I had a great time working with you guys !

I hope you 2 hold each other close in good or bad times and have trust and faith all the way. Happy married life !