A Special Christmas in 2013

What s special Christmas in 2013 ! It was our frontier photography club outing and we went out to shoot Christmas lighting at Orchard Road. When I doing my walk-a-shoot at Orchard Road, a handicapped person caught my eyes and left an impact on me. I would like to dedicate this post to this person whom I called him, Friend.  I saw him stationed the cross junction near Cineleisure shopping centre. I took a few photos of him before moving on to buy  the tissue he was selling. As I was approaching him, I stood back again and observed the crowd for around 20 minutes.  What I saw was upsetting. After every change of traffic lights, there will be more than 40 people walking passed him. It broke my heart when only after 6 to 7 changes of the traffic lights, only 1 person brought a tissue packet from him. I went towards him again and asked whether I can take a close shot of him, he nodded and he even posed by smiling and giving me a thumb up.  After that, I had a short conversation with him.

Me: “Hi Uncle, when are you going back?”
Friend: “After selling all my tissue packets”. (Pointed to around 30 remaining tissue packets).
Me:”How will you go back? Someone will pick you up?”
Friend: “No, I go home myself by taking the MRT”
Me:”It must be tough on you”
He nodded and I saw him that he was going to cry, so I quickly changed the topic.
Me: “But at least you can earn some money with your own ability”
He smiled and nodded.
I gave him some words of encouragement before I left.

In this outing, I saw everyone enjoying and walking along orchard road, families and friends were taking photos with the Christmas lighting, wearing nice clothing and eating good food. Singaporean are very fortunate yet somehow or rather, we tend to forgot those who are less fortunate.

Christmas is around the corner, I urge everyone to make this Christmas a special one to give to someone less fortunate. Give generously to them…

The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. Proverbs 22:9