Our Maternity Photo Shoot

My wife is at her 34th week of pregnancy now and we will be expecting our first child in September, and I can’t tell you enough how beyond excited we are. We really want to document  down this beautiful memories so we decided to do a maternity photo shoot on our own.

Since I’m inexperienced in the area of maternity photography, I decided to approach it with something real simple. Black background with only 1 speed light. We did some simple posing, playing with the light and the angles to capture some shots. The whole shoot took about an hour and we call it a day because it was quite tiring for my wife to stand and pose especially after a long day at work.


Looking through those finished edited photos, my heart raced making me more anxious to see our baby boy. The photos were exactly what I wanted and my wife looked absolutely amazing. She was super happy with the photos. I took many more maternity pictures, of course, with several different looks, but I just shared a few of them.

Maybe after our baby Caleb is born, I might shoot some newborn baby photos. Stay tune.

We also thank God for this baby boy. We name him, Caleb, and we pray that he will grow up to be a Man of Faith and Courage just like Caleb who is mention in the Bible.