Prewedding at Marina Bay Sand Area & Corney Island

Tiring yet fulfilling 3.5hrs of Pre wedding with Puja & Apratim from India! Both of them came from India but they only met when they are both working in Singapore. This is the country that they met so it is a place that is very significant to them. That is the reason that they engaged me to do a photoshoot of them in Singapore before going back to india to get married! When they first approached me of wanting to do a photoshoot. I’m really excitied that as a home grown Singaporean being able to bring an expat around Singapore for a photoshoot. They spoke to me about having 2 locations in Singapore, one city and another nature area. They suggested Marina Bay Sand area as one of the photoshoot location which I feel is good. They asked me for suggestion on the nature side of Singapore. Corney island immediately came to my mind because I feel that the place is well-preserve as it could be. Really a nice place that I would like to bring them to.

When we approached Vincent for a pre-wedding shoot, we were quite nervous as it was the first time we were doing a professional shoot. But we were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable Vincent made us feel. He was very patient and accommodating, and had a whole lot of creative inputs for the shoot. We are very happy with how beautifully he has captured these moments, and would definitely recommend him.

Review by Puja & Apratim

We chatted about everything under the sun during the photoshoot, about how they met, their work, how they feel about Singapore and etc. Puja & Apratim are really friendly and I’m really thankful that they are open to share about everything.

Glad you guys enjoyed the wedding photography Singapore session and the photo taken. Wishing you guys a blissful marriage!