Actual Day Wedding Photography Singapore - Joedha & Eunice

Joedha & Eunice actual day wedding photography Singapore is an India and Chinese interracial marriage held at Mandarin Orchard Hotel. Some of their friends teased them by saying that, they are attending a Chin-Dian wedding. It was a simple wedding where they started off at the hotel room doing makeup and dressing up in the evening time. Followed by reception then wedding banquet, buffet style. They also have the standard 1st March, cake cutting, video of their solemnization at the Antartica, simple Q&A games related to them, 2nd March-in (with Indian costume), wine-pouring, wine-cheers, speeches from the couple and table-to-table phototaking. Many of their loves ones and friends came from all over the world to witness and bless their marriage.

They are probably one of the most adventures and fittest couples I had met. They shared same interests such as, exercising and traveling. They are well-traveled couple who had traveled to many countries and Africa might be their next trip. With an adventure couple like them, they even held their marriage solemnization at the Antarctica. With them standing on the ice berg and ocean behind them, they exchanged their vows and rings. Really a beautiful sight. These precious memories were capture and showed to their loves one during their wedding banquet.

Congratulations on your wedding! May you guys have a happy married life together! Thank you for engaging my Actual Day Wedding Photography Singapore

Vincent is a great guy and an amazing photographer. We engaged him for our reception and are very happy with his services. He is very professional and punctual. He also guided us how to pose for the pics. His photographs are great and all our friends loved his work.
Thanks Vincent for capturing this beautiful day of our life.
— Joedha
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