Prewedding / Actual Day Wedding Photography Singapore - Alvin & Abigail

Both Alvin & Abigail are very dear friends of mine from Fruitful Vine Church. They knew each other in church, and years later they got together. I was thrilled when I know that they are getting married!

It was an amazing day as we went to Corney Island for the photoshoot. Alvin and Abigail are a pair of soft spoken and joyful couple. Many times, they will speak softly to each other and burst out into laughter. Their sweetness, shyness smile, affection and love between each other really attracts me.

On the actual day wedding, Alvin with the brothers and sisters, had a blast at the gatecrash when silly games and challenges were played. Followed by entering into Abigail's room and we had fun taking some family photos.

The tea ceremony and solemnisation was held at the banquet venue. It was lovely, with loads of hugs and kisses and tears of joy. Many families and friends came for the wedding banquet to congratulate them with well-wishes. They had a game at their wedding where they placed 2 cans of sweets. One is to represent Alvin and another, Abigail. Their guest will take the sweets and at the near end of the banquet. Whichever can had a lesser sweets will do a forfeit. The result is a DRAW. So the emcee asked Alvin to sing and Abigail to dance. They are very sporting to do it and it was a sweet moment that stirs our heart and emotion.

I'm truly privileged to have been part of their wedding celebrations, to be the one to capture their wedding day.

I wish this lovely couple a blissful marriage and thank you again for allowing me to be part of your special day!