Hort Park Vineyard Wedding - Nicole & Hock Liang

An intimate wedding of Nicole & Hock Liang at Hort Park Vineyard Wedding. They started off with tea ceremony by the garden where all their relatives came to drink the chinese tea served by the couple. This traditions serves as a form or bringing 2 families into one. Their relatives also takes this opportunity to blessed them with red packet and wishes. The itinerary follow up by having an official wedding solemnization which takes place at the Hort Park main atrium , just beside their lunch banquet at Vineyard. Their wedding solemnization area was nicely decorated with flora around the chair and tables area. To kick start this wedding solemnization, the couple will march up from the spiral staircase and was greet by their guest at the main ceremony area. Hock Liang was not really comfortable in speaking in the public but I can sense his love for Nicole with his simple words. The wedding ended with having a lunch banquet at the Vineyard restaurant. They also cater an external ice-cream vendors which makes make children excited about it. Really a simple and beautiful place at Hort Park Vineyard Wedding.