TOP 10 Most Beautiful Fort Canning Wedding Photo shoot Locations Just 5 Mins Walk around Registry of Marriage Office

A big congratulation to you if you are getting married soon! Many choose to tie their knots by having their wedding solemnization to be done at the Registry of Marriage office (ROM) itself. Choosing this option does not mean that your wedding photos will all be confined in the solemnization room. There are many beautiful wedding photo shoot locations just 5 minutes walk from ROM especially after a recent revamp of the area into Spice Garden.  Here are my personal top 10 wedding photo shoot location near ROM which doesn’t tired off your guests especially with elderly around.

1.  Natural Backdrop Frame
After your solemnization ceremony, you will be led out from the back door. On your left, you will see a beautiful backdrop frame made up of tree branches which is perfect for small groups shots.


2.  Mini water fountain & surrounding
If you are looking for an outdoor location for group shots, you will see a mini water fountain just behind the natural backdrop frame. This area has more than enough space for 20-30 pax. With the vast greenery surrounding the fountain, it is also a great place for some photo shoot.


3.  Spice Garden
Just behind the mini water fountain, you will reach the heart of the Fort Canning Park’s Spice Garden. This area is full of spices dedicated based on Raffles’ experiments with spices and plantations. With a small greenery open space there, you can exploit your shots with creativity.


4.  Metal Frame with Plants

If you prefer to have a standard photo shoot of newly-wed standing in front of a frame, do not miss out this metal frame covered with plants, just above the Spice Garden.


5. Gothic Gate

If you want a gothic style photo shoot, you might want to head down a little further from the Spice Garden to the Gothic Gate. This gate is the entrance of Fort Canning Green.


6. Gothic style Staircase
Just beside the Gothic Gate, there is a flight of Gothic style staircase. This is a popular landmark for wedding couple.


7. Fort Canning Green

The whole area beside the Gothic style Staircase is called Fort Canning Green. There is a huge field, a few architecture buildings and forts for you to take photo around.


8. Fort Canning Centre

If you want some architecture building in your photo shoot, Fort Canning Centre is a good choice.


9.  Area between ROM & Carpark

This place doesn’t look interesting on its own. However, by having some colorful flowers at the foreground, you will be surprise to get some great shots there.


10.   Real Love Works
When you are heading up to ROM office, you will be greeted with large blocks of words, “REAL LOVE WORKS”. This is a great place for some group photos.


I’m thankful to be given so much opportunity to capture so many beautiful photos of newly-wed at the ROM Office. This allows me to explore the area and experiment different poses at my TOP 10 Fort Canning Wedding photo shoot locations around ROM.

If you are going to DIY or ask your friend to capture your wedding solemnization, I hope that the list above will help you save some time in planning and searching for places to have your photos taken. Alternatively, you may want to engage a professional wedding photographer to guide you along during your wedding day.

Happy shooting!