Hello, I’m Vincent, a member of the prestigious WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association). My style of work is a combination of photojournalism & lifestyle photography. I love the challenge of capturing the emotion of each wedding and event in an artful way. My goal is telling the story of it so you can relive it, many years from now, with the same emotion. If you are looking for a photographer in Singapore, I’ll be truly honored to be the one you to document your special day.

If you would like to get check on my availability or rate just get in touch with me. Simple fill up the form on the left, give me a call/whatsapp at +65 9826-3338 or email vincent@vt-photo.com

I would love to talk to you and find out about your event.

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你好,我是Vincent,着名的WPJA(婚礼摄影记者协会)的成员。我的作品风格是新闻摄影和生活摄影的结合。我喜欢以巧妙的方式捕捉每个婚礼和活动的情感的挑战。我的目标是讲述它的故事,这样你可以在很多年后以相同的情感重温它。如果您正在新加坡寻找摄影师,我将非常荣幸能成为您纪念特殊日子的人。 请与我联系。简单填写左边的表格,给我打电话/ whatsapp +65 9826-3338或发送电子邮件至vincent@vt-photo.com

我 和你谈谈并了解你的活动。
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