2019/2020 Wedding Photography Packages by VINCENT PHOTO 

Our latest 2019/2020 Wedding package cater to all newly wed photography needs. From 1-hour ROM, intimate wedding solemnisation, prewedding, half-day & full-day wedding. Our package is affordable and packed with perks, such as photo slide show video, personal online gallery, canvas print & photobook.

We are also partnering with Makketh Wallet to give away their 2 x RFID Cardsleeves holder (worth $180) to any of our couple who signed up for the below selected package. To make the deal even sweeter, we are giving $50/$100 discount to couple who sign up with us in year 2019 for their wedding on year 2020. (Please see the footer for every package for more details).

We are also providing ala carte service such as, photobooth and videography.

We would love to talk to your about your event! Do say Hello to us.


How will I edit the photo after the wedding shoot?
I will post process all the good images with white balance, exposure & contrast only. Heavy editing such as smooth of skin tone, removal of item, slimming and etc are not included. The softcopy images will be return in jpg format.

Tell me more about the 40 pages photobook.
You have to give me the trust and full control of designing the photobook. I will choose all the important images to put into the album to make it into a story line. All the group photos will definitely be in. I will show you the proof of the design to check for any errors, especially the text, before I send for print. Alteration is not allowed. Delivery will be done via DHL to your address or I will deliver to you, depend on the location.

Tell me more about the personal online gallery.

Here are the example. Having a personal online gallery, you are able to share the gallery link for your guest to view/download the images that they need. This save the hassle of having to send the images to individual. All images may download into your computer at one go and password can be set to the gallery.

Will I receive the photo slide show softcopy?
Yes, the photo slideshow softcopy will be sent to you. Vincent photo will be the one choosing all the important images into the slideshow to form a story line. Background music will classical/instrumental music selected by us. Alteration is not allowed.

How will all the end-products be delivered?
The end-products will be delivered to you in batches,

1. After I had finished doing the post-process of the images, I will upload to the online gallery and provide you with the link to download all the images.
2. Photo slideshow softcopy will be sent to you via a download link
3. Canvas print & photobook proof of checking to check for any error before I send for print. Delivery will be done either via DHL or I will deliver to you personal depend on your location.

We would love to talk to you and find out about your event.